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Beginners Cold Process Soap-making




2 hours


About the Course

This class will teach you the basics of making cold process soap. You will be weighing out oils, fats and lye. We take safety precautions when working with the lye so rest assured, you’ll be fine. It’s not as scary as you may think!

After weighing everything we mix it together in pot and gently heat it to 110 degrees. After that we add the lye and essential oils. This process of making soap requires the soap to sit and cure for 6 weeks before using.

Each participant walks away with one mold which they can cut into 3-4 bars.

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Your Instructor

Julie Pratt

HI there! My name is Julie Pratt and I'm the creator and owner of Attagirl Soaps. I started making soap about 23 years ago and I love sharing all I've learned along the way.

Julie Pratt
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